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 Sophie Brzeska :Ceramic  If you want to see this up close
 then visit the Responder  Exhibition at Souithampton City
Art Gallery open until 28th June .
Photo: My piece for the responder exhibition at southampton city art gallery portrait of Sophie Brzeska inresponse to a painting of her by Gaudier Brzeska

Status Update
By Arches Studios

19 April – 28 June

The Arches Studios is Southampton’s largest independent studio group,
giving 23 emerging artists a base from which they can develop and grow
their practices. The City Art Gallery has invited the Arches residents to
respond to the City’s comprehensive collection, taking inspiration from
a particular work of art or artist and letting it inform their own discipline.


Responder Exhibition Southampton City Art Gallery 2014


One of my interpretations of a painting of Sophie Brzeska by Gaudier Brzeska which sits in the vaults of Southampton City Art Gallery.This one is concrete on steel mesh. The other one is fired ceramic and is the one I entered into the exhibition although I prefer this one.
I was attracted by this paintings bold,angular and dynamic style. On discovering the artist was Henri Gaudier Brzeska and that Sophie was in fact his partner I became even more drawn to the piece. I first encountered his sculptural pieces in a  retrospective at Tate Britain which  also featured work by his mentor Jacob Epstein, 
   This  project  became more poignant for me in the context of the centenary of the start of the 1st world War and the fact that Gaudier died  in the trenches of Neuville Saint-Vaast on 5th June 2015 aged only 23. Sophie  from whom he took the name Brzeska died penniless in an insane asylum and I can only speculate that the loss of Gaudier could have contributed to this. In my interpretation I have attempted to depart from my usual classical figurative approach  and emulate the artist in his embracing of primitivism.


Public Art Commission in Southampton

Earthship project 2012 Applying mosaics with lime



Polar Bear


Another one of my plastic milk bottle sculptures this time depicting the earth's largest land based carnivore the polar bear. I was asked by Ringwood school to create this as part of their climate awareness week. The idea being to discuss the threat posed by climate change on the bears natural habitat.

Bear recycled milk bottles


W3 Gallery Acton. Political Craftivism exhibition . 'Riot here Riot now'

Here is the Badger  I carved from oak last year during the cull with a toy Winchester rifle thrown across his shoulder . I don't go in for anthropomorphism much usually but I think in this case It was appropriate. Leave the poor badgers alone!

School residency

School residency, weaved willow sculpture

King Canute

Carved sculpture of king Canute

Washing line sculpture

sculpted relief

Sumo carving


This is a a squatting Sumo wrestler ... carved out of the trunk of a very large cedar tree. It references  the entering the ring ceremony " Dohyoiri "  in which the wrestlers wear large colourfully embroidered aprons. This sculpture still needs the final detail carving.

Sumo wood carving

Sculpted Sumo (in progress)


Sumo relief sculpture

Sumo Sculptor: Chris Cudlip

Sumo Sculptor:  Chris Cudlip  Article by Chris Gould

"For at least 1500 years, from the time when the earliest known sumo carvings date, sculptors have been fascinated by Japan's national sport. In 2009, Chris Cudlip, a young artist from the UK, will seek to enhance his reputation as the latest sculptor to tackle this fascinating artistic phenomenon. SFM Editor Chris Gould sought to find out more about him. Read more..."

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Fish wood drum

 chris cudlip and his sculpture of a fish


Puppets designs: My new puppet Medina



Here is a link to a site Humans of Brighton from back in May. I took my new puppet Medina out for a day trip there. I started making medina during a residency at Quay Arts on the Isle of Wight so I decided to call her Medina after the river there. I finished making her down at the Arches. All the clothes are made by me too. I think the close up on the right is a great picture despite me looking like the boy out of Deliverence!

Chris cudlip and his Puppet



Toucan Puppet


toucan automaton
toucan automaton exhibited


Rod puppet  school workshopcommission in schools


Portrait of a Southampton Docker

Me working in the studio on a life-size portrait of Les who worked for many years as  Docker in Southampton.

Sculpted portrait in southamptonSculpted portrait in southampton


School Workshop: Clay heads

clay headclay headSchool workshop


Bevois Town primary school Commission

Dragon school workshop Bevois valley Southampton

Publiccudlip what next?

The joys of no great Chinese firewall... It`s a real pleasure to be able to post info up here now I am back along with face book twitter blogger yahoo etc this Mr Site Web tool wouldn`t work while I was out there.

Consequently I have a massive back log of stuff to write about but I will start with what I am planning to do next.
Here is a picture of  a piece of Macracarpa wood which I will begin to carving into a figure this month now the weather is fine.  
Chris cudlip sculptor


Wuhan uprising of 1911


Just below are photos of a relief sculpture depicting the Wuhan uprising of 1911. After spending weeks concentrating on figures of peaceful contemplation the shift to working on this epic war scene seemed quite extreme. This sculpture is the pattern for what will eventually be copied in stone in situ outside a railway station in Wuhan. I was working on the boots of the soldiers (below) and my final job was the flag.

Chris Cudlip in WuhanChris Cudlip in China

Public art commission in China


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