The bottom section of this brick sculpture references the Nexus club which stood behind the wall for over 30 years and hosted a multitude of independent  bands and later on  on DJ's On the left are several vinyl records and on the right is a sculpture of a Technics 1210 the legendary direct drive turntable.

 The brick sculpture installed  between a section of the medieval walls and the Old Bond Stall in Southampton.The work references ancient and modern times.  Characters from the local medieval metalworkers guilds are depicted alongside motifs relating to a club called Nexus previously occupying the site behind the wall.
The Guild of blacksmiths,goldsmiths,silversmiths,locksmiths,pewterers and tinkerers were charged with the maintenance and protection of The East Gate which stood a few yards north along the medieval wall from here from the 1200's until its demolition in 1765



 A hollowed out plum tree trunk ............
......  with cedar fins and an oak tail attached

Fish Drum' was installed outside the Childrens ward Of Salisbury Hospital as part of the 'Artcare' scheme which places art for its therapeutic effect on people working and staying there . 'Mad Cow' below left spent over a year in the same location and made a lasting impression on the patients and staff. Below middle is a continuous torus knot, this geometrical sculpture now sits in the garden of St Annes School Southampton. Right is a life size polar bear which I was invited to make in response to the issue of global warming. All these are created using the ubiquitous 4 pint plastic milk bottle..




 The upcycled life- size cow above  is made from 200 high density polyethelene (HDP) plastic milk bottles and cable ties.The average life-span of a HDP plastic bottle once in a land fill is estimated to be 300 years . In other words they are not very biodegradable. By referencing  this in my work I hope to alert people to this and support recycling

 Below an image of new Interdisciplinary work :The Coccolithophore project  a collaboration with the Ocean and Earth Science department of Southampton University.w

SUMO WRESTLERAt  the roughing out stage carved from the base of  a cedar tree .


A Canadian salmon
being held by two hands carved from oak. Photographed here shortly
before leaving my studio for the Garden of Allington House an
addictions rehabilitation unit in Bournemouth. In memory of Terry
O'Dwyer who was a keen fisherman and a much loved counsellor there.

Grove public art commission.To create a carving from a 150 year old
cherry tree located in  the local childrens play area of a council
housing estate in Southampton relevant to the local history of the site.


Large 3D letters were carved from thermolite blocks.

The sculpture was scaled up from a maquette created by the clients of the centre.The blocks were then rendered with mortar and finished with a mosaic composition facilitated by artist Will Rosie In between the letters beech railway sleepers were set into the block work to create seating
A collaboration with mosaic artist Will Rosie  This commission was to
create an new environment for the clients and staff  of a youth club
called 'The Link' in an area that was previously an empty car park.This  involved working with young people verging on exclusion from mainstream education.




A Camel train created for Medina high school on The Isle of Wight.

EARTHSHIP PROJECT 2012.The project at Witchurch Community College was designed to use environmentally sustainable building methods and creative techniques. To build a community feeling among the school houses in Year 7.  The project involved building a shelter which to be used as an outdoor teaching space at a later date. The materials utilised included rammed earth in old car tyres, aluminium drinks cans ,empty wine bottles, willow ,straw bales, lime render, mosaics, oak and beech railway sleepers.