Please feel free to browse through the shop. Here you will find a wide price range. There are  economically priced wood sculptures and cast concrete sculptures or for those interested in making a bigger investment you may want to consider something cast in bronze.

All work can be delivered to your chosen address usually by courier. Price is extra and depends on weight and distance. If you drop me an email via the contact form  I will usually contact you within 24hrs re price for packaging.


This sculpture of Jimi Hendrix was triggered by a black and white photograph from Monteray pop festival 1967 that caught my eye while I was reading a biography of the iconic guitarist.

Other patinas available on request.

Custom made plinths are also available at individual prices.

Edition of 10

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Life- size high relief portrait of a sumo wrestler in polyester resin with red pigment.
1000 mm wide x 1310 mm high x 180 mm at its deepest
Comes with a built in hanging system

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This can be hung on a wall as it is fitted with a built in wire on the reverse.
202mm wide x 280mm high x 50 mm at its deepest.
Solid cement with terracotta pigment.
Suitable indoors or out as is waterproof and frost proof.

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Life size high relief figurative sculpture of two hands clasped. One hand is pulling the other upwards.

Solid cast portland stone,builders sand and sharp sand. Frost proof.

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The scrawny owl is hand carved rom pine wood and has been protected with antique stain and finished with lime wax It is 20 inches high without the base and  2ft high with the base. please email me via the contact page if you have any questions.

Bases all £7

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The snowy owl is carved from pine and finished with lime wax he is perfect for outdoors or indoors 17inches high without base 20 inches with base. He is sleeping. Please email me via mu contact page if you have any questions .

Bases all £7

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The barn owl is 17 inches high without base 22 inches with base. As with the other owls he is very hard wearing and suitable for outdoors or indoors.

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Life size figurative sculpture of a cow assembled entirely from plastic milk bottles and cable ties.

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